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YD-T1804SG Digital Textile Printer

YD-T1804SG digital textile printer


Equipped with industrial StarFire1024 inkjet printheads that designed for professional textile printing, YOTTA's YD-T1804SG textile printer produces superior digital printing results on garment and various fabrics directly in high speed and excellent resolution. Delivering print width of 1.8m, it can fully meet the requirements of the whole textile printing industry.




 Advanced Features


1. Employing StarFire1024 professional printhead

With internal heating and inner loop function, StarFire1024 is the industrial printhead that widely used in European textile industry. It supports 7 colors printing, and the explosive frequency is up to 50KHZ, suitable for continuous, quantity and uninterruptable printing production. Besides, it is repairable which is more printhead replacement economical.



In additions to print on fabrics for various uses, YOTTA’s YD-T1804SG printer has the capability of direct grament printing.


3. No tension fabric conveyor system

YOTTA’s YD-T1804SG use professional conduction band for textile delivery. It can transfer fabric without tension, suitable for stretch cloth and non elastic cloth.


4. Fast infrared curing technology

Fast infrared curing technology, printing and drying linkage control system. Independent drying system optional.


5. PLC touch screen manual control function

Control machine through PLC touch screen, operation and printing process shown in a simple, accurate and intuitive way.


6. Conduction band correction system

The system makes the conduction band always remain in the middle position automatically, so to ensure the accuracy of printing.

7. Environmental textile ink


The YD-T1804SG uses special textile ink which is environmental and non-polluted, meeting the National Environmental Requirement Standard, is an ideal solution to replace traditional printing equipment.




Technical Data


 Model  YD-T1804SG
 Print head  StarFire1024 (3-8pcs)
 Print width  1800mm
 Materials thickness 30mm (Max.)
 Print color  C, M, Y, K, W
 Fabric type  Weave or knit cotton, flax, silk, polyester, cashmere, towel, etc.
 Ink type  Reactive, Acid, Disperse, Pigment
 RIP software  Professional textile printing RIP software
 Printer weight   2000KG
 Printer size  3300 mm[L] × 3300 mm[W] × 1500 mm[H]
 Power requirement  220V/AC(±10%), 50/60 HZ, 4.5KW
 Air Compressed  Air flow≥0.6m³/min, pressure≥8kg
 Working environment   Temperature: 20℃~28℃; humidity: 40%~60%




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